Werner Schmidt
Enterprise Networking and Security Expert
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Protecting Facebook

This video demonstrates how to secure Facebook in your organization using an appliance solution that we sell. It can be done on a per user(s) or group basis for allowing or disallowing Facebook. It can also limit Facebook so it is essentially in a read only mode (no posting), disables Facebook apps (e.g. Farmville, Mafia Wars and others), disables Facebook chat (IM - Instant Messaging), Facebook mail and other Facebook social plugins. We can also use QoS (Quality of Service) policies to limit / restrict or prioritize the bandwidth being using by Facebook. This effectively applies bandwidth shaping or packet shaping to the Facebook traffic.

IPAM - IP Address Management

This video shows using an appliance we offer to manage IP addresses within a network. Using the appliance and GUI you can quickly assess IP address utilization whether it is fixed IP addresses, DHCP ranges, reserved IP addresses or even unknown IP addresses that can be discovered with the solution. Using this solution is ideal for either managing the IP address space of an existing network for which you may not have DNS or DHCP control, auditing an address space or even being the DNS server and/or DHCP server for the network. Stop using spreadsheets to manage your IP addresses!

Palo Alto Networks Firewall - Reporting Example

Are you tired of the same old firewalls that can't give you enough visibility? Checkout this video showcasing just some of the visibility features of the Palo Alto Networks firewall. Unlike other firewalls that can barely answer why a network is slow (it's passing bits), learn how you can better control the five W's of network management (Who?, What?, Where?, When? and Why?).

Palo Alto Networks Firewall - QoS Example

While the main feature of the Palo Alto Networks firewall, there is a QoS (Quality of Service) feature. This live demo shows how QoS is done and gives an example of how it works.